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On November 3, 2015 came into force the Government Decision providing for the right to obtain a residence permit owners of real estate in Montenegro, regardless of its value.
The decision to establish the type and value of the property, which is owned by a foreign citizen in Montenegro, approved at a cabinet meeting September 10, 2015, published on 26 October 2015. In the Official Gazette of Montenegro №61 / 2015 (stryu3) and entered into force on November 3, 2015
In accordance with the decision of the registration of temporary residence possible in possession of the following types of real estate in Montenegro:
• Family home
• Country house
• Villa Apartment
• The subject is designed to provide services in the field of hospitality
• Office-residential building
• Premise
Limit value of the property to obtain a residence permit in Montenegro is absent.
The package of documents for registration of a residence permit on the basis of tenure include:
• Valid passport
• Certificate of no criminal record (obtained in the internal affairs of the country of citizenship)
• Confirmation of the existence of the Montenegrin bank account in the amount of 3650 evro (at the rate of 10 euros per day)
• Medical insurance (valid for at least 30 days from the date of filing)
• The certificate of ownership of real estate (list nepokretnosti- Serb.)
• Receipt of payment of state fees